Test Bench

We offer test benches for testing water meters as per IS 779 and ISO 4064 standards. Test benches are designed to accommodate mechanical and electronic water meters of sizes DN15 to DN25 on the same bench. The gravimetric system used in the test bench gives an accuracy of 0.1 % and iscapable for testing all accuracy classes of meters. The all-stainless steel test bench makes it rugged and rust free.

The standard test bench has 3 variants in terms of number of meters that can be mounted in series:

  1. DN 15mm – 10 or 20 meters in series.
  2. DN 20mm – 8 or 18 meters in series.
  3. DN 25mm – 6 or 12 meters in series.

We also offer customised benches as per requirements.



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